Fundraising events for HIV / AIDS in Africa

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Past & Future Fundraisers

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping and participating in these great fundraisers to help HardtHaven. It is through these fundraisers that we are able to run the home, improve the level of care we provide and hold holiday celebrations for the children. We have posted information below about previous fundraisers. We need your help to continue to provide the best care possible for our children and to embark on expanding our care to more children in need. If you are interested in holding a fundraiser please email us at and we will be more than happy to help you with ideas, informational brochures, PowerPoint presentations and more.

2012 Education Campaign

Our HardtHaven children are dreaming about becoming pilots, teachers, hairdressers, bankers, and business owners, and they are counting on you to make sure they have the education they need to make those dreams come true.

Your support of HardtHaven’s inaugural Education Campaign provides Minua, Rosemond, and Lebene the opportunity to attend Junior High School, and host a full-time professional Education Fellow who will ensure that all of our children reach their full potentials.

We have reached our goal of $12,800, thank you to all who have supported us in this!

Past Fundraisers

Biking for HardtHaven

Where: The Netherlands to Croatia
When: October 2012
What: The father of a past intern who worked at UNiTED and HardtHaven cycled from the Netherlands to Croatia with a friend. They raised funds based on the kilometers they cycled. They raised almost 2,000 Euro’s to fund the creation of a sick room/rehabilitation room that will be constructed in our new facility! This sick room will allow us to provide a healthy, hygienic and comfortable place for our children to recuperate when they fall ill.
Organized By: The father of past intern Mijka R.

Running for HardtHaven

Where: New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey,USA
When: April to August 2012
What: From Dana, the organizer of Running for HardtHaven “I emailed my friends, family, and co-workers and tell them how much I care about HardtHaven, and that I’d be running one mile for every dollar donated. When I sent out the email, my parents and my sister decided they’d like to run for donations, too. My parents, who aren’t runners, got off the couch for $10/mile. It was fun to do it as a family. I got donations from folks who don’t normally give, too, which was awesome.” Dana and her family raised over $2,000 for our Education Campaign through this fundraiser!
Organized By: Dana Kowalchky, Adviser to the Board and Strategic Planning Consultant

Tea for HardtHaven

Where: Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
When: May 10th 2012
What: An afternoon tea hosted by Mrs. Maureen Celusta. The event opened with a champagne reception after which Ms. Shilton, a HardtHaven board member, gave a short presentation about HardtHaven. A traditional English tea followed with finger sandwiches and pastries. During the event a bazaar was held that had various jewelry, wood carvings and other handicrafts from Ghana available in exchange for donations. The event was a huge success raising over $4,000 for HardtHaven!
Organized By: Maureen Celusta and Sonjelle Shilton

Sound Sleep Project

Where: New York, USA
When: April 2012
What: The New Hackensack Reformed Church donated the proceeds of their Lenten Fundraiser for the 2012 year to HardtHaven’s Sound Sleep Project. Through out Lent the youth group of the New Hackensack Reformed Church collected funds to purchase brand new mattresses and sleeping supplies for the children living at HardtHaven. They raised $1,000 which allowed us to provide new mattresses for all of our children, ensuring that they get the good nights rest in the comfort that they deserve!
Organized By: The Gilchrist family, previous volunteers, and the New Hackensack Reformed Church

5th annual Peace of Pie fundraiser

Where: Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
When: August 14th 2011
What: The 5th annual Peace of Pie was an incredible success! A portion of the proceeded went to HardtHaven’s 2011 Education Campaign This year’s event featured a pie baking contest with both professional and amateur competitions with a focus on local ingredients, the ever-popular pie eating contest, family-friendly entertainment, and, of course, pie tasting.
Organized By: Dana Kowalchyk, Adviser to the Board and a previous volunteer

Scrap-booking party for HardtHaven’s 2011 Ed Campaign

Where: Colorado, USA
When: August 13th 2011
What: An all day scrap booking event organized by Kristen with the help of a family friend who runs a business holding these scrap booking events. The event was a huge success with scrap booking, an auction and lots of fun had by all. Kristen put a lot of work into this fundraiser and it really shows as it was so successful! She raised $1,000 for our Ed 2011 campaign!
Organized By: Kristen Siegele, a previous volunteer

Andrea Heavener’s awesome fundraiser for our 2011 Ed Campaign

Where: House Party! Alberta, Canada
When: July 23, 2011
What: Held a house party on July 23rd that raised $300! A special drink was created for the night. At the end of the party she collected all the bottles and cans from the evening and turned them in for the recycling money, raising $115 that way!
Andrea must really care about our children because she auctioned off her cooking and cleaning services as another way to raise funds for HH :). Her brother has paid her $75 and she will clean his bathroom for a whole year (that is dedication right there!).
Her friends gave $25 and in return she promised to bring them homemade cookies when ever she visits.
Organized By: Andrea Heavener, a previous volunteer

Benefit Show in New Jersey

Where: Courtlandt-Land
1 Courtlandt Street
New Brunswick, NJ
When: Saturday, September 20th at 6:30 PM
What: Local bands played to support the cause including:

  • Human Adult Band (grungy rock noise crew)
  • Killin’ It! (punk thrash hardcore quintuplet)
  • Mirrors and Wires (new surf punk gang)
Organized By: Caitlin Sulley
A Word from Caitlin: My dear friend, Sonjelle is currently volunteering at the Home for her second stint, a 1 year period; having volunteered in Summer 2007. Hardt Haven is a small orphanage run with support from volunteers who have taken on the responsibility of caring for 15 children, some of whom are HIV positive. Please come out to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and provide support to the children whose lives have been affected by this pandemic.

Portland Maine Pizza Fundraiser

Where: Flatbread Company
72 Commercial St.
Portland, Maine 04101
When: August 26th 2008
What: This restaurant is right on the water and constructed out of recycled barn wood. They use local products and promote organic farming. Every Tuesday they sponsor a non-profit to set up a table at the front to raise awareness for the organization and donate $3 from every pizza sold that night.
Organized By: John Green, a previous volunteer

NY04: June Charity Drive!

When: JUNE 7th Requiem game, (maybe other venues if there is a need)
Where: NYC game
WHO: YOU! anyone coming to the NYC game! Or who can have a friend bring it for them.
WHAT: donations as follows:

  • ONE package of disposable DIAPERS- SIZE 3 (16-28 lbs) or SIZE 4 (22-37lbs)
    (pref quantity 36 or as many as possible)
  • ONE large can of POWDERED INFANT FORMULA (around 25oz) with IRON (most have iron, but check)

Bring one of each item, and get 30 general prestige. Bring more if you can!
Please Click Here to read more about it.

Smithtown Library Exhibit (Smithtown, New York)

June 2008
A HardtHaven Exhibit is being held at the Smithtown Library on Long Island, which is the largest library in NY State. This exhibit displays drawings done by the children along with photos of the kids and descriptions of their drawings. A brief description of each child is also included.
Organized By: Dana and Heidi

Peace of Pie Contest

Held Sat. May 3 and Raised $2,600. 100% of the profits went directly to HardtHaven Children’s Home. To learn more about it Click Here.