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UNiTED is a sister organization to HardtHaven based in Kpando, Ghana. You can find their website at www.unitedprojects.org. UNiTED is a community resource and empowerment center located in Kpando, Ghana. The mission of UNiTED is to educate and empower by encouraging collaboration and by providing accessible information.

They encourage the collaboration of grass root organizations with each other as well as with international volunteers. By identifying and addressing the development needs of the communities in the Kpando District, UNiTED aims to enhance the efficiency of volunteer exchange and of development projects. To achieve this goal, UNiTED works directly with organizations involved in community development to pair them with volunteers.

UNiTED we stand, divided we fall!

UNiTED also strives for accessible information for everybody who is interested. The office library provides information on topics such as health, early childhood development, management, volunteering and travelling. Next to services in the office, UNiTED aims to organize outreach programs. In this way even the most remote areas of the Kpando District can have accessible information.

Knowledge is power!