The Staff of HardtHaven, a charity organization in Ghana, Africa

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The Staff

Edem Kosi Richard Adjordor

Ghanaian Director/Co-Founder

Joy and Edem
Joy & Edem

Edem Kosi Richard Adjordor, is a member of the International AIDS Society. He lives in Kpando, Ghana and his parents are Madam Rosemary Aku Wordey from the royal Kendra Clan of Kpando Dzanti, and Mr. Peter Wallace Adzordor from the royal Dzoka clan of Kpando Konda, in the Volta region of Ghana.

Edem completed secondary school in Kpando and has attended the Teacher Training College in Amedzofe. When Edem was only 17 he and several of his friends started a youth organization called the Volta Star Family Fun Club. Edem also started computer store in Accra with His cousin Harrison Addom, called Radiant Vision, and was the Operations Manager for several years in addition to being a volunteer teacher in Konda.

Edem is currently the Regional Coordinator for the international web-based Global Youth Action Network and is the Co-Founder of Coalition of Youth Groups in the Volta Region. He has attended dozens of youth and development workshops and even organized several workshops for youth in his region in the past couple of years. Edem won 2007 World Bank small Grant Youth award to educate youths in Volta Region on the Mellinum Development Goals. (MDGs) and was elected as the youth representative at the national level at the just ended Jubilee Leaders Youth Summit.

Edem works unpaid for HardtHaven and spends most of his days fundraising, working on projects, working with volunteers, and raising support in the community. Edem has contacts all over the world, is extremely motivated and creative, and is an essential part of HardtHaven.

Joy Hardt RN, BSN

Executive Director/Co-Founder

Joy Hardt, originally from Spokane Washington, is currently working in an Ebola Treatment Unit outside of Monrovia, Liberia

Joy graduated with her Masters in International Relations in 2012. She is a member of the International AIDS Society and the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. Joy attended the XVII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008), which was held in Mexico City August 2008.

Joy has been to Ghana 6 times to work on HardtHaven and has traveled to ten other countries.

Jessy van de Beek

Director of Operations, Ghana

Jessy van de Beek

Jessy van de Beek-Adjordor is from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ever since she was a little girl, issues in developing countries attracted her attention. After graduating from the Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam with a master’s degree in International Public Health, she started working at HardtHaven in June 2009.
During her masters Jessy spent a period of four months in Benin accomplishing a qualitative research on the Beninese Health Care System. The research was part of a PhD and a cooperation between the ministry of health of Benin and two universities. She interviewed different actors on the process of procurement, distribution and maintenance of medical devices and health care technologies. The interview analysis were used to make recommendations for Ministry of Health on how to improve the current system. Jessy and her supervisor are working on a publication.
In Benin Jessy did not only accomplish her research. While she was analyzing the results and writing the report, she worked at two orphanages. One orphanage was located in Cotonou, the economic capital. The other one was located in Allada, a village near Cotonou. The main activities were playing with and taking care of the children, which she loves to do.
The stay in Benin confirmed to Jessy that she is very committed to work in a developing country and that she would love to share and expand her knowledge and skills. She is very devoted to her job and is gaining more experience every day. The children at HardtHaven are like family to her and Kpando is now her hometown. She is not planning on going back to the Netherlands in the near future.

Sonjelle Shilton

Director of Operations, US/Board Secretary

Sonjelle Shilton
Sonjelle & Asantewa

Sonjelle Shilton first came to volunteer at HardtHaven in August of 2007, staying for a period of 6 weeks, during that time she felt such a connection to the children that she decided to come back to work as the Country Home Administrator. She volunteered a second time at the home in this capacity from February 2008 to July 2009. Sonjelle is responsible for fundraising, project development, social media and serves as the secretary for HardtHaven. After returning to the US Sonjelle spent half of her year in the US working towards a nursing degree as well as creating and maintaining the fundraising, banking, and record keeping systems for HardtHaven. The other half of the year she spent at HardtHaven working on various fundraising and capacity building projects on the ground.

Sonjelle graduated from Rutgers University in 2007. Currently she is pursuing her MPH in Global Health at the University of Washington with a certificate in the Global Women, Adolescent, and Children program (Global WACh). Her professional aspiration is to work to secure reproductive freedom for women and girls globally, focusing in West and Central Africa.

Kristen Siegele

Volunteer ambassador

Kristen Siegele came to volunteer at HardtHaven in 2010. She had such an amazing time with the children that when she returned to the U.S she wanted to continue to help HardtHaven. Kristen is currently attending the University of Denver pursuing a nursing degree.

She now acts as HardtHaven Volunteer Ambassador. She organizes fundraisers for HardtHaven and also helps other interested volunteer coordinate and organize their own fundraisers for HardtHaven. Kristen has helped to raise a significant amount of funds for HardtHaven projects, such as our Education Fellow and Excellence in HIV/AIDS Health Care program. Kristen and her university nursing student group organized a fundraising drive in 2011 to provide Christmas presents for each of our children, making Christmas 2011 truly special for the children that live at the home!

The children call them Tassi (Ewe for “Auntie”)


We want to recognize our matrons for all the hard work they do at HardtHaven. Our matrons cook and clean all day for all our children. They bathe the little ones, provide hugs, and teach them songs and stories to ensure they remember their Ghanaian heritage. They are an essential and integral part of HardtHaven.