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Sponsored Kids & Families

HardtHaven sponsors over 25 families in the communities surrounding Kpando.
We provide these families with:

Here are some stories that highlight the women and children we sponsor. Please note only first names are used for confidentially purposes.

John Nana

Nana and Edem 2007
Nana and Edem 2007

Nana (means chief in Twi) is a young boy who is almost 3 years old. He lives with his aunt Mary in Kpando. His mother died during child birth. It is not known where his father is. Mary comes by once a week or so, sometimes she leaves Nana to play with the other little ones for a few hours. HardtHaven provides Mary and John with funds for daycare, food stuffs, and nutritional supplements that are high in protein. He has come a long way since we started sponsoring him.

Nana and Sonjelle, July 2009
Nana and Sonjelle, July 2009

His legs were buckled and it was thought that he would not be able to walk without physical therapy. We are happy to report that Nana is now walking and playing catch, though he is too young to be able to throw the ball very far. The doctors report that Nana is coming along very well and is getting strong. He is still small for his age but he has plenty of time to grow. He is a very kind boy; he likes to play with toys, especially balls. He also enjoys drumming and is surprisingly good for a child who is not even 3 years of age.

Agnes M.

Agnes is a 22 year old woman that HardtHaven is sponsoring. Before we started sponsoring her she was very weak and could hardly get out of bed in the mornings. Now because HardtHaven is paying for her medicine as well as providing her with supplemental nutritional support she is feeling much better, she is able to help around the house, doing laundry, cleaning and even pounding fufu! We have recently set Agnes up with the starter supplies and funds she needs to have her own business selling soap. Here is what Agnes has to say about herself:

"My name is Agnes M. I am 21 years old. I come from Kudra in the Volta region. The subject I liked best in school was English and Math. The food I like best is rice and banku. I lost while mother while I was in school, that means that I had to stop school and did not got to Senior High school. I have four brothers in Accra. I am the only girl my parents had. I want to become a lawyer in the future, the reason why I want to become a lawyer is that I like the way they use to settle matters in court. I need your help so I can continue my education. My mother came from Kudra and my father come from Cape Coast. My mother was a trader and my father was a house builder. Thank you very much and I hope very much that you can help."

Akua and her boys

Kojo and Akua 2010
Kojo and Akua 2010

Akua is a young mother whom we first started sponsoring when she had her first child, Kojo, when she was 16. Kojo was brought to our attention by the nurses at the local hospital. Baby Kojo had been born at a normal weight but with in the second month of life had started to lose weight dramatically and at that point weight 2.2kg (4.84lb). The nurses asked us to help because they had seen the transformation of Baby Christopher and others under our care.

Kojo 1.5 months at HardtHaven
Kojo 1.5 months at HardtHaven

Akua could not afford food. She was unable to produce breast milk as a result of her severe malnutrition. Kojo had nothing to eat. We gave Akua a room near the home and she and Kojo spent their days with us. We provided Kojo and Akua nutrition and health rehabilitation and worked with Akua so she could improve her parenting skills. By the end of the first two months of staying at HardtHaven Kojo gained 5.2kg (11.44lb)!
Akua, with our sponsorship, was able to move back to her village with a very plump Kojo once he was eating solid food. Kojo is now a happy, active toddler. Akua recently had a second child. We are currently focusing our efforts on vocational training for Akua so she will be able to become financially independent.

Eunice and Ruby

HardtHaven has been sponsoring Eunice, a young mother, and her daughter Ruby in 2008. Ruby has suffered from severe grand mal seizures since birth. Treatment for Ruby’s condition is not available. The severe natures of the seizures have caused severe cognitive and developmental problems for Ruby.

She is currently on medication to helps lessen the degree and number of seizures she experiences. Ruby is very happy and sweet young girl. She loves to dance and play games, especially with Edem, our Country Director! Ruby loves coming to the home to play with the other children and toys. We provide Ruby and Eunice with medical, nutritional and general finical support. We are also working to help Eunice gain skills that will allow her to become financially independent.

Cynthia, Kojo, Jerry, Justice and their Grandmother, ‘Momma A’

Hardthaven has been sponsoring Momma A and her grandchildren since 2007. Several of Momma A’s grandchildren became orphans and she took them in with open arms. In her late 60’s she still wakes up every morning to walk to her small patch of land that she farms by hand for a meager income. We provide Momma A and her grandchildren with health insurance, medical, educational and nutritional support. Cynthia, Kojo, Jerry and Justice come to the home for Christmas and Easter to celebrate every year.